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debt review

A dedicated Debt Refuge SA Debt Counsellor will be assigned to your case to assess the state of your debts and finances. Certain information and documents will be requested from the Consumer, Creditors and Credit Bereaux to validate the consumer's situation. 
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debt counselling
A consumer who can no longer afford to meet their monthly Credit obligations approaches Debt Refuge SA and the entire Debt Review process is explained, including pros and cons. The consumer will have to get into Debt Review voluntarily without being coerced. 
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debt consolidation
Debt Refuge SA will draft restructured repayment proposals to Credit providers, which includes a consolidated monthly reduced payment with lower interest rates. 
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About the national credit act (nca)
The National Credit Act 34 of 2005 came into force on 1 June 2007. The purpose of the Act was to protect credit consumers against reckless behavior of creditors as well as provide a legal process to over-indebted consumers. It stipulates that this process is managed by qualified and registered Debt Counsellors and that restructured settlements with creditors are recorded in the form of a court order.

How does Debt Review work?
After you submit a Debt Review Application Form to the Debt Counsellor, he will:
 1. Evaluate your income and expenses to determine eligibility.
 2. If eligible he negotiates a new settlement agreement with creditors.
 3. After which he obtains a final court order for the restructured debt.

The benefits of Debt Review
1. Once your Debt Review process is activated, creditors cannot claim your assets. Your home and vehicle for instance, will be safe until your debt is settled. 
2. Existing creditors may not make additional claims. 
3. You won't get blacklisted.
4. You will receive a Clearance Certificate after repaying your debt to verify that you have no unsettled debts.