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Debt Refuge SA is a professional Debt Review company with impeccable track record having assisted many consumers under financial distress. We believe in providing our clients with a tailor-made personalized attention that they deserve. 

We are specialists in Cancellation of Debt Review - Debt Mediation - Debt counseling - Debt settlement negotiations - Rescission of Magistrate Court Judgments - Rescission of High Court Judgments - Removal of trace alert listings - Removal of default listings - Updating of poor payment profile - Credit score improvements - Early termination of debt counseling. 

Join us today and we will assign an experienced Debt Counsellor to your case, who will accompany you throughout your entire journey to attain financial freedom. Our entire team will be at your disposal and go an extra mile in making sure that your interests are met.

Whether it is protecting your assets, answering your questions or dealing with your Credit providers, we are ready to fight for you. All our Debt Counsellors are experienced and ready to negotiate the best deal for you. 

We frequently deal with all the major Credit providers and we have had multiple successes in reducing our clients repayment obligations to affordable monthly amounts. 


what we do

Debt Refuge SA assists over-indebted clients to take back control of their finances by paying all their debt obligations to creditors in a more affordable manner. Most consumers who have already fallen deeper into debt, come to us for assistance in managing their debts.

Unfortunately, most consumers only take the first step when they receive threatening calls from Debt Collectors. In some cases, these Debt Collectors will be threatening consumers with repossession of their valuable assets. 

We have already managed to assist a large number of consumer to lead a stress free life after managing to pay back all their creditors. 

We also help consumers whose CREDIT REPORT reflects outdated or incorrect information by disputing it with the relevant authorities and restoring their good name.

If you are having difficulties obtaining a loan or credit, it might mean that you have low credit score due to your past financial history/behavior or you are blacklisted on credit bureau, all those negative listings will need to be fixed first before creditors can look at your application.

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