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At Debt Refuge SA, we treat all our client information with confidentiality and make sure that it is highly protected. 
We will never contact anyone or avail client information to any creditors or individuals without client consent.
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Debt Refuge SA is one of South Africa's fastest growing Debt Review companies with experienced and trained NCR accredited Debt Counsellors. 
We also boost a network of experienced Attorneys and Financial experts at our disposal making it easier to perform our duties with distinction.
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24/7 support
Our Debt Counsellors are available at all times to take calls from Debt stressed clients who need urgent assistance. We are always available on call to our current clients who might need information or additional assistance.
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Debt Refuge SA boosts a team of experienced and skilled negotiators who have vast experience in negotiating with Creditors and representing clients in Court. 
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If your debt seems like an endless burden, there is no need to run away or avoid calls from creditors. Take the first step by contacting Debt Refuge SA who will ensure that your Creditors are informed of your financial difficulties so that your assests can be protected. Creditors will no longer contact you, but will communicate with a dedicated NCR Debt Counsellor appointed by us. 



We negotiate with Creditors to reduce interest ensuring that our clients enjoys the benefit of protection from the National Credit Act. A restructuring proposal will be drafted with reduced interest rates and sent to Creditors for consideration. Our experienced team will negotiate reduced payments so that you can have a sufficient living budget to cover other monthly households neccessities. 


peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind from knowing that your Debts are handled by experienced Debt Counsellors and that you have taken an important step towards financial freedom.  Once all your short-term debts are fully paid and paid up letters are received from all the creditors concerned, we will issue you with a Clearance Certificate indicating that you are now rehabilitated.